"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."
- Goethe
A meandering commentary on the World at Large.
policing sweatshops
Confessions of a Sweatshop Inspector

This is a fantastic article, and very informative. If you care about where your products come from, you should read it. Some things may surprise you. Some won't.
Oil & Natural Gas from ANYTHING
PopSci's Best of What's New 2007
This is amazing. Genius. Brilliant. The best example of what inventors are for. It produces almost 20 times the energy it requires, and can be used to recycle/eliminate much of our worst waste products - used tires, etc.
We need to build these. Lots of them.
Loss of Arctic ice leaves experts stunned
Loss of Arctic ice leaves experts stunned
Bad. And getting worse. It's going to be a very different place soon. I hope everyone realizes that, and what it means.
Not a joke...
William Gibson's blog
And that's really terrifying. I've seen ads like this in too many future-police-state movies. Now it's real.
AIST develops 3D image projector
Actual 3D images, floating in the air. So cool.
Sen. Ted Stevens takes it in the ass
Federal agents raid Sen. Ted Stevens' Girdwood home
Corrupt bastard. I hope they find a ton of incriminating crap & lock him up.
Genius Loci: the Spirits of Place
the Spirits of Place
I share the same feeling, and love to find those little hidden spots that must have a caretaker floating about, keeping them happy and mysterious even in the heart of a city. I fervently dream of someday living in a home with just such a place (or perhaps 2 or 3...) about its grounds, perhaps even integrated into the house itself.

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